Please help Japanese cats!

The disposal a dog and a cat kill is accomplished in Japan at present.
120,000 is counted in the year. 70 percent are a harmless kitten shortly.

In some cases kitten is sent to the gas chamber, and cats are suffering, and dying struggle.
We can’t permit such fact.
We have succeeded in not killing treatment of cats in Germany to be great.
Unfortunately killing treatment of stray cats in Japan has been going on now
The first place Why is us humans and cats came to live together?
The origin is in Egypt.
In ancient Egypt.
Cats played an active part for the purpose of getting rid of the mouse which eats cereal.
So a cat and man are a friend.But the Japanese are not trying to help a quite unfortunate friend
We are acting to help the cat.
But our strength is still weak
Helping the organization to protect the cat of the whole of Japan
Now is the time to help the cats who live in Japan
We are in Japan and the world, is the timeto ask.
That match the organization and force to protect the cat in Japan, is our mission.
Everyone overseas far from Japan! Please support our activity. Thank you.